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The Crazy Cookie Lady

The Crazy Cookie Lady

Julie (who is not actually crazy) visits the Saturday Farmers Market in Tamarindo. The market is located in the field behind Chun’s Chinese Restaurant, very close to El Pescador and runs from 8:00 to 1:00 every Saturday.

She always has a great selection of gluten free baked goods on hand but arrive early as the good stuff sells out quickly. The brownie bites and cookies are incredible, as are the loaves (the chocolate is my favourite). She just started offering homemade sandwich bread and it’s also fantastic.

You can also order gluten free cakes for special occasions. My wife ordered a gluten free birthday cake last month and everyone raved about how amazing it was – we didn’t even bother telling people it was gluten free.

There is no better place to get gluten free baked goods anywhere in Tamarindo!

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