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Tapioca Brazilian Food

Tapioca Brazilian Food

Before eating at Tapioca Brazilian Food in Tamarindo I had never even heard of a Tapioca Wrap. And now – I’m literally hooked. The wraps are so soft (but also crunchy), filled with amazing fillings and made-to-order while you wait.

A tapioca wrap is made from house-made tapioca flour (also known as yucca or cassava) so it’s naturally gluten free. It’s also the only item cooked in the frying pans used to prepare the wraps so you are very safe from cross-contamination.

Tapioca Brazilian Food is one of the few gluten free fast food options in Tamarindo. You can dine in or take your food to go.

The Banana Paradise (my wife’s favourite) is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted – sweet and savoury at the same time. My personal favourite, the Noronha, is also fantastic. And don’t forget to try the the Cheese Bread – they are small balls of bread filled with cheese, served piping hot.

They also serve gluten free crepes and gluten free pizza (served on a flat tapioca wrap) but I have not (yet) tried either.

Don’t be intimidated by the location or rustic look of this restaurant. The food is fantastic and the staff are super friendly and accommodating! Seriously, if you visit Tamarindo, you should be visiting Tapioca Brazilian Food!

Tapioca Brazilian Food is located directly in front of Super Compro, about 100 metres from Tamarindo’s main street.

Tapioca Wrap Breakfast

Tapioca Wrap

Tapioca Wrap

Tapioca Wrap

Tapioca Pizza

Gluten Free Cheese Bread

Restaurant Info
Contiguo a Estrella del Pacifico, ao lado de SuperCompro (in front of Super Compro)
+506 7188 9470

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