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Pura Vegan

Pura Vegan

Pura Vegan is the only completely vegan restaurant in Tamarindo, and not surprisingly, they have a ton of great gluten free items too. Nearly every single thing on the menu can be made gluten free, just ask for gluten free when you order and they can most likely accommodate.

The Pad Thai is the best my wife has ever tasted (the owner is originally from Thailand so no big surprise there!). The arepas and tacos are also fantastic, just ensure to ask for gluten free so you get a gluten free salad dressing on the side salad that comes with most orders.

If you’re feeling a bit decadent, or just really hungry, the fries and vegan cheese are seriously one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Even if you’re not vegan you should check out Pura Vegan – the food is absolutely amazing and reasonably priced.

Pura Vegan is located on the second floor of Plaza Tamarindo, beside Nordico Coffee House.


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