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Nordico Coffee House

Nordico Coffee House

If you’re looking for great coffee and a bite to eat, Nordico is one of the best options in Tamarindo. There is a ton of gluten free options including chia pudding and smoothie bowls – just remember to ask for almonds instead of the granola and you’re good to go.

Nordico has also started selling homemade paleo bread – full of nuts and seeds and absolutely no gluten. It’s incredibly tasty on its own, and even better with one of their amazing sandwiches. They use a separate cutting board and knife for this bread too so you should be totally safe. Just remember if you add a salad to ask for the paleo bread instead of the regular bread (the regular bread looks fantastic, trust me, you don’t want the temptation of having it on your plate, or the cross contamination).

Nordico has just started serving gluten free baked goods supplied by Mrs. Kristie’s Gluten Free Kitchen too. Look for a blog post about their products soon.

And of course, the coffee is fantastic too – the cold brew is a extra special treat on a hot day! Nordico is a seriously great place for breakfast, lunch or a quick coffee break.

Nordico is located on the second floor of Plaza Tamarindo, right across the street from Sharky’s.


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