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Nnova Rice Pasta Review

Nnova Rice Pasta Review

I’ve tried many different brands of gluten free pasta in Canada, the US and Costa Rica, and my experience has been surprisingly varied. Whether they’re made of rice, corn, quinoa, or a combination of ingredients, you never really know what to expect when you give a new brand a try.

My experience with rice pasta has been dismal to say the least. No matter how I’ve tried cooking it, the pasta usually ends up mushy, sticky and extremely starchy. I pretty much avoid any brand of rice pasta if at all possible. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when we tried Nnova Rice Pasta, made right here in Costa Rica.

When cooked the pasta has a fantastic al dente texture that’s so close to regular pasta it is shocking. The flavour is great too and it goes great with any sauce I’ve tried. I have only been able to sample the macaroni (which is more like penne) and small shells pasta so far and both are equally great. There are other brands of gluten free pasta available in supermarkets around Tamarindo, but if you can find Nnova rice pasta I highly recommend it.

If you’re in the mood to eat out this is the brand of pasta that La Pachanga uses for their gluten free pasta dishes, which are also fantastic!

There is a limited selection of Nnova pasta is available at the Auto Mercado in Tamarindo – they currently carry shells and macaroni. Auto Mercado’s in the San Jose area offer a much larger selection of Nnova rice pasta, including cannelloni and lasagna noodles.

The Super 2001, located across the street from Pacific Park Condominium, carries Nnova brand rice flour which is also a great product.

Nnova Rice Pasta









  • Great al dente texture when cooked
  • Great flavour compliments any sauce
  • Totally reasonable price point


  • Only available at the Auto Mercado
  • Auto Mercado carries limited selection

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