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Enea’s La Vera Cucina Italiana

Enea’s La Vera Cucina Italiana

Enea’s is a relatively new restaurant in Tamarindo but it has fast become one of our favourite places for gluten free pasta. You have a selection of penne or spaghetti with any of their pasta dishes and the staff is knowledgable about which of the sauce options are not gluten free. It’s not fancy but the food is fantastic!

When it comes to pasta, I’m a simple guy, and I am absolutely in love with the Spaghetti al Pomodoro – with a little fresh parmesan it is absolutely fantastic. The pasta is always cooked al dente and the sauce is perfectly seasoned.

The Pasta alla Sicillana (tomato sauce with eggplant) is equally amazing, and our other go-to favourite.

On our last visit to Enea’s we even brought some Mrs. Kristie’s homemade gluten free bread and had an order of bruschetta as well. The staff were incredibly accommodating and the bruschetta was amazing!

And at the end of a meal you can order an amazing (and potent) homemade liquor in 5 flavours – limoncello, cinnamon, ginger, banana and anise.

If you’re craving great Italian food when in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, stop by Enea’s!

Restaurant Info
Calle Cardinal, 100 m after super 2001, next to Selina Hostel
2249 3060 / 8502 2110
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    1. Hey Cecily, I’ve never gotten sick at Enea’s and I’ve never found any stray non-GF pasta in my meals so I’m pretty confident that it’s safe.

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