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Tapioca Brazilian Food

Before eating at Tapioca Brazilian Food in Tamarindo I had never even heard of a Tapioca Wrap. And now - I'm literally hooked. The wraps are so soft (but also crunchy), filled with amazing fillings and made-to-order while you wait.…

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Antichi Sapori

This was the first restaurant I discovered in the Tamarindo area that serves gluten free pizza, and it's still hands down the best. In fact, they will do almost anything gluten free, including pasta and focaccia sandwiches. In the past you…

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Dragonfly Bar & Grill

UPDATE: The Dragonfly Bar & Grill is now using gluten free soy sauce in place of regular soy sauce, so there are a few more options available on their menu. The Dragonfly Bar & Grill is one of my favourite…

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Surf Shack

The Surf Shack is one of the best places for a burger in Tamarindo, the peanut butter and bacon burger is especially awesome. For gluten free options Surf Shack offers two options - the easiest option is to choose lettuce  instead of…

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Pura Vegan

Pura Vegan is the only completely vegan restaurant in Tamarindo, and not surprisingly, they have a ton of great gluten free items too. Nearly every single thing on the menu can be made gluten free, just ask for gluten free…

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Nordico Coffee House

If you're looking for great coffee and a bite to eat, Nordico is one of the best options in Tamarindo. There is a ton of gluten free options including chia pudding and smoothie bowls - just remember to ask for almonds instead…

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