Antichi Sapori

This was the first restaurant I have found in the Tamarindo area that serves gluten free pizza. In fact, they will do almost anything gluten free, including pasta and focaccia sandwiches. They will need at least a few hours notice to prepare your meal so call ahead at +506-8566-6596. The owner speaks pretty good English and understands gluten-free, just make sure that if you are speaking with the staff that they fully understand that you are wanting to order a gluten-free pizza (or other meal) – it’s not a common order so it might get miscommunicated.

It was an absolutely fantastic pizza too – the crust was light and crunchy, everything was tasty and the toppings were great. We’ve only tried the black olive & mushroom and the margherita pizza but there are quite a few other options that sound amazing as well.

The staff is extremely friendly and offers great service too. The owner is extremely friendly too. We will definitely be back very soon.

Antioch Sapori is located in the Garden Plaza, across from the Auto Mercado.

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